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My children and grandchildren were amused when I told them that after Dr. Levine liaised with my dentist and my family doctor I intended having eight implants put in – as I was 91 years old. I’m now 97 years old and enjoy life to the full.
Mr. K.F, Ashdod

Just after I was released from my army service I fell off my motorcycle and broke my two front teeth. The Jerusalem Perio Center was recommended and now after painless periodontal surgery and two implants my confidence is completely restored.
Mr. N.V, Beer Sheva

My endodontist explained to me that in order to continue straightening my teeth I would need to have temporary mini implants to hold the braces for a few months. Dr. Saffer put these in with a minimum of fuss. I just got married and my husband loves my beautiful smile.
Mrs. J.C.

For as long as I can remember my life was marred by ugly large discolored teeth which stuck out at odd angles. I was teased mercilessly at school and at the age of 25 had no social life. My dentist referred me to the Jerusalem Perio Center and my life changed dramatically. All my teeth were extracted and after a few months, during which time I wore temporary bridges, I had 16 implants put in. I love my new teeth, new man, new job and new smile!
Ms. R.M

For many years I neglected my teeth because of severe dental phobia. I tried hypnotherapy and various forms of sedation but nothing worked. My friends persuaded me to call the Jerusalem Perio Center and the warm kind voice of the practice manager reassured me and calmed my frayed nerves, allowing me to make an initial consultation. She even went out to my car to bring me in to meet the periodontist. The treatment process was long, but with the support, understanding and empathy of the doctors and staff my advanced gingivitis was cured and my teeth were saved.
Mrs. L.M.