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Same Day Implants

Same day implants in Talpiot, JerusalemAre “Same Day Implants” a Good Idea?

At Jerusalem Perio, if an implant is required, our only focus is the success of your implant. How much of our time the procedure will require is just not a consideration. While there are patients who are candidates for “same day” implants, the specialists at Jerusalem Perio will only place them after carefuly examining and determining that same day implants would not hurt the long-term functional and aesthetic results of the operation.

Same day or one-hour implants are not likely to be time savers if the implant does not succeed. 

Each case is decided on a customized basis and it is never one treatment style fits all. Implants need to integrate in a healthy jawbone and when placed hastily in a mouth with active gum disease, inflammation can develop around the implant, jeopardizing the long term survival of the implant.

Our Focus is on Preserving Healthy Teeth Long Term

Great dental health is a long term proposition, and at Jerusalem Perio we are dedicated to the long term success of your implants and your smile.  After active treatment is completed, our well-trained and experienced hygienists (over 20 years of experience) are a great resource for maintaining your teeth and your implants.

Are you are a candidate for same day implants?

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