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Periodontal Examination & Therapy

Initially a complete medical evaluation is performed, including an examination of the soft tissues of your mouth. We check for loose teeth, gingival bleeding, measuring the extent of loss of periodontal tissues including the gum and the bone, and charting of pocket depths.

An evaluation of the relationship between your upper and lower teeth (occlusion) is also performed.

Sometimes complete radiographs (X-Rays) are necessary. These can be taken by us or we can use recent X-rays from your dentist. In certain cases a C.T. SCAN or other radiographic evaluations are necessary and these is can be done within our facility or at a nearby X-Ray Clinic.

Periodontal therapy consists of removal of the irritant that causes periodontal disease including plaque and calculus. This normally takes a few visits and is done by the periodontist using hand instruments to remove the calculus from the teeth.

At the same time, oral hygiene procedures are taught so that the patient can keep their mouth as clean as possible in order to facilitate healing.

An adjustment to the bite is sometimes also necessary.

At this point, another evaluation is performed in order to assess the extent of the healing process. Then the general dentist is also consulted in order to arrive at a plan for further treatment. A determination will be made as to whether periodontal surgery is necessary and whether implants are needed to restore missing teeth.

It is our goal to help save your teeth. Occasional periodontal surgery is necessary to eliminate periodontal pockets and to reconstruct the bone which has been lost. Bone graft material may be added to assist in the formation of new bone. Defects in the gum can also be rebuilt.