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Experts in Dental Implants

Experts in dental implants, JerusalemJerusalem Perio Center is the largest and foremost healthcare facility in Israel specializing in implants and treatment of oral disease in Jerusalem.

Experts in Dental Implants in Jerusalem and Abroad

Levine and Dr. Saffer have lectured extensively, in Israel and abroad, on the latest implant techniques. Drs. Levine and Saffer have been consultants and research partners for numerous implant manufacturers in helping in the design of new implants.  As experts in implants, Drs. Levine and Saffer also assist non specialist dentists in improving their skills. Dr. Weichholz, a recent addition to our practice has just completed an excellent post graduate program in the US and has participated in clinical implant research as well.

Save Your Natural Teeth

At our practice we provide optimal care with functional, healthy, and aesthetic treatments that will help you keep your oral health.  We are experts in dental implants in Jerusalem with decades of experience in periodontistry.

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