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Dr. Dani E. Weichholz


Dr. Weichholz and Dr. Saffer at the EuroPerio conference

Dr. Dani E. Weichholz is a practicing periodontist at the Jerusalem Perio Center.

Dr. Weichholz was trained and received his Certificate of Periodontology from Columbia University School of Dental Medicine, New York, in 2011 and earned his DDS from Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, New York, in 2008. He is currently American Board of Periodontology eligible. He has been trained in the latest techniques of implant dentistry, sinus lifts, periodontal surgeries (osseous, GRT, etc.), mucogingival surgeries (CT grafts, root coverage procedures, etc.) and tooth exposure procedures. He is proficient in the use of the piezoelectric unit for safer sinus lifts and ridge augmentations.

He has researched and presented at the General Assembly & Exhibition of the IADR. Dr. Weichholz currently serves as a Clinical Instructor in Periodontics on the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Hadassah School of Dental Medicine in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. He volunteers at the free dental clinic of Lema’an Achai.