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Before Deciding on an Implant

Before deciding on an implant, here are some things to considerExtracting your natural teeth should not be taken lightly. Before deciding on an implant or extraction, consult with an expert committed to saving teeth.

Saving Your Natural Teeth

Implants are great when justified, and implants maybe the best solution for you. However, implants are not always needed if your natural teeth can be saved. Where possible, saving your natural teeth is the best long term option for your dental health (and may be the lowest cost solution for you).

Learn All of Your Options Before Deciding on an Implant

At Jerusalem Perio, before deciding on an implant or extraction, you will get a comprehensive dental and periodontal examination and evaluation.  Our specially trained periodontists will explore with you the options available in your case. Options may include implants, the latest regenerative techniques to rebuild your gums (gingiva) and surrounding bone, or other techniques.

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At Jerusalem Perio Center, we are the foremost experts on Implants in Israel with years of experience under our belts.  Read More on Jerusalem Perio Center’s expertise in implantology.

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